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CNC Pattern Making Machine

Our range of CNC Pattern Making Machine are known for their ease of use and competitive pricing. The CNC machines are manufactured using precision crafted components that are resistant to wear and ensure a long service life of the machine. Extensively tested, the machine delivers rated performance and ensures that the rate of error remains minimal. The machines can be programmed with ease and greatly increase the rate of production of a manufacturing plant. Furthermore, the CNC machines ca be customized as per the requirement of each client.
  • The machines offered unmatched performance and greatly lower the cost of production.
  • Prototyping using the machines is fast and easy as materials are printed upon by computer software.
  • Each CNC machine is subjected to extensive testing and is not prone to breakdown.
  • The machines are precise and highly durable.
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CNC Pattern Making Machine (Customized)

CNC Pattern Making Machine has been manufactured with utmost precision using premium quality of motor and spindle. It is used for 2D cutting and 3D engraving on various materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, PVC and other metal alloys. One of the best things about this device is that it can be customized as per the specifications required by the customer. Irrespective of the surface type it can easily engrave different impressions on various materials. This machine is operated on Computer Numerical controlled device.

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Wooden Pattern Making Machine

Wooden Pattern Making Machine is widely used in wood processing industries for engraving different impressions and 2D cutting. It can easily carve various impressions on different kinds of wooden surfaces. This machine is easy to operate and precise in its operation. It has been installed with high quality motor and spindle to ensure its optimum performance. This pattern machine can also give different shapes to the wooden material. It comes in different models as required by the customer.