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CNC Router Accessories

The range of CNC Accessories offered by us are commonly used with CNC machines across the nation owing to their superior build quality. The accessories are manufactured under the supervision of our experts by making use of advanced manufacturing techniques and the finest quality materials in the market. Each accessory is built to specification and is offered at the best rates in the market owing to which buyers get the most value for their money. Furthermore, the accessories can be installed onto CNC machines with ease and deliver exceptional performance.
  • The accessories are resistant to wear and thus last long.
  • The accessories deliver superior performance and can be installed and removed with ease.
  • Each accessory is crafted in accordance with industrial norms and are available in all standard sizes.
  • All accessories are tested as per a number of parameters and unmatched quality is ensured.
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Stepper Motor Drive

Stepper Motor Drive is used to control the stepper motor. It is a circuit which has been installed in the motor to facilitates its desired operation. This drive is manufactured having a microprocessor, driver IC which controls the motor current and a power supply unit. It is designed having a number of output pins for the stepper to connect according to the specification of the motor. This drive is specifically programmed to operate various types of stepper motor.

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CNC Router Collet

CNC Router Collet is designed with high precision using the best quality of alloy metal. It is used to hold various engraving tools such as router bits for 2D cutting and 3D engraving on various materials. This collet is installed in CNC router machine to provide a platform for drill bits to be fitted in them. It is also known as a tool holding system which is made up of six components which are collet clamping surface, spindle and collet taper, external collet and tool holder taper, clamping nut surfaces, thrust bearings and tool holders.

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Dust Collector

Dust Collector is one of the necessary requirements for various industries such as chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, cement plant and fertilizer industry. It is capable of carrying high dust loads produced from various industrialoperations. The function of this collector is to trap all the harmful particles from the air to ensure clean and safe air as per the set standards. They are available in different models such as cyclone dust collector, air pollution control system and sand dust collecting systems.

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NC Studio controller

NC Studio controller is also known as CNC motion control system which is used in various CNC devices such as wood processing machine, laser engraving devices, stone routers and plasma cutting machine. This controller is designed having various circuits, resistors and capacitors soldered on a substrate board with precision. It is installed in machines to make them user friendly and ensuring its optimum performance. According to various models available in the market, this controller is also manufactured and designed to suit their specific operation.

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DSP Controller

DSP Controller is also known a Digital Signal Controller or Digital Signal Processing controller. It is a type of microcontroller which programmed using C programming language. This controller is installed in a number of devices such as CNC engraving machine, CNC routers and stone routers for their user friendly operation. It requires a software support for its smooth and easy operations. They are available as DSC chips which are manufactured having a compact structure.